Static-line / AFP Program

Skydive South Dakota's Static-Line Program (IAD)

SSD's skydiving ground school prepares you for your solo skydiving career. There are two types of training methods that we use. Our 20+ years of training experience has led us to perfect the easiest training program in the world! The first thing that you have to do is to learn how to operate the parachute, or more importantly, so you can keep doing this great sport, is learn how to safely LAND THE PARACHUTE. Then, we learn how to FLY!

You are Required to do 5 Static-Line Jumps 

Static-Line training is less expensive, and helps you to get to your license in 25 jumps( a lot cheaper). In our experience, this helps you become a better skydiver, since you learn to land before you fly. As you leave the airplane from 4,000 feet your instructor deploys your parachute. You will then learn to deploy your own parachute and increase altitude on proceeding jumps all the way up to 10,000 feet. You will not be up there alone! We use the state of the art training equipment, such as 1-way radios to talk you back down to the ground. The cost of your first jump includes your ground school.

Your first static line jump is $195 and $175 for additional static line jumps.

After Completing the Skydive South Dakota Static line Program you are now ready for the best part of all the FREEFALL!!!

Accelerated Freefall Progression First Jump Course

"Do you dream of learning to skydive? Our accelerated freefall Progression (AFP) skydiving course is a 17 level program designed to fast track you to learning to skydive solo and achieve the dream to learn to skydive!" 

Our AFP skydiving program starts with 5-7 hours of ground training known as our First Jump Course (FJC). During this training you’ll learn everything you will need to know about your first jump and also all the skills and information needed to keep you safe and carry you throughout your skydiving career.  You'll learn a range of skills from how to fly your body in freefall, how your equipment functions, what to do if things don’t go as expected, and much more.  Our FJC program includes the 5-7 hour ground school and then we will travel to one of the 3 closet Wind Tunnels for a min. of 10 minutes flight!  Once you have successfully completed our FJC and Wind Tunnel training, you’ll be ready to do your Level 1 AFP skydive and will be well on your way to learning to skydive solo.

Tunnel time, course, and 1st jump included for $649

AFP Levels Of Progression

The AFP program incorporates 17 levels of proficiency required to complete the AFP course of training.  During each level the student is required to demonstrate specific skills of body flight and canopy control. Upon successful completion of required objectives for each level the student will progress on to the next level of training. 

For the first 3 AFP levels the student will be accompanied by two USPA certified AFP instructors who will maintain safe, positive control of the student in the air while giving corrective hand signals regarding proper body posture for flight and also assist in the parachute deployment if necessary.  As students  progress to the advanced levels the off the AFP program (levels 4-17) only one instructor per jump is required and is sufficient for safety and training purposes.  Once the student has successfully completed all 17 levels of the Accelerated Freefall Progression program they will be able to skydive solo.

To provide our students with the best training tools possible while learning to skydive, Skydive South Dakota incorporates in-air video and post-jump video debrief of each student jump from Level 3 and beyond.  

Advanced Wind Tunnel Training

Prior to AFP level 1, you’ll spend 10 minutes practicing freefall maneuvers in an indoor wind tunnel. This is equivalent to TEN 12,000 feet skydives.

The Best Deal for the Best Skydiver

Complete ‘A’ License Package

Our Complete ‘A’ license package includes the ‘AFP package’ PLUS everything else needed to acquire the USPA  ‘A’ skydiving license. 

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